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About Us

Hanna Friedman loved the thought of designing and making her own clothes ever since she was a teenager growing up in Los Angeles. With her sketches on the table and sewing machine in hand, Hanna made most of what she wore.


In the early eighties, Hanna decided to expand on her passion for design and began to knit. Knitting became second nature for her and the next thing she knew her creative projects became works of art. The demand for a hand- knit Hanna sweater was on the rise and the mother of two couldn't keep up with the high demand.


Hanna's big opportunity came when she wore her designs while representing Israel in the 1986 Mrs. World Pageant, which was viewed by over 15 million spectators. Her sweaters were so well received by all that the decision to establish her own business just seemed like the next step.


In the midst of having to think of a company name, Hanna combined the names of her two daughters, Elanit and Eris, and came up with Elaris Designs. From the commencement of the company, sales boomed and Elaris Designs went national. Hanna was selling her sweaters all over the country from California to New York .

Now, Elaris Designs is internationally known and is sold to stores around the world. 


Elaris Designs is manufactured in the U.S.A.

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